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CONSMUPA has been implementing the Bologna structures since 2010. All Bachelor degrees are a duration of 4 years (240 ECTS). The following Bachelor degrees have been established: Composition, Conducting, Performance (Accordion, Voice, Harpsichord/Organ, Strings / Brass / Percussion, Guitar, Piano) and Pedagogy (Accordion / Guitar, Voice / Strings /Brass / Percussion, Harpsichord / Organ, Piano).

There are 3 types of courses: basic compulsory (A), major compulsory (B) and elective (O). Students must enrol in 60 ECTS during their first year of study and reach 240 ECTS at the end of the studying period. The number of ECTS of Elective Courses to be taken depends on the major (see the curricula below.



Major in Composition

Major in Conducting

Performance - Accordion

Performance - Voice

Performance – Harpsichord / Organ

Performance – Strings / Wind Instruments / Percussion

Performance - Guitar

Performance - Piano

Pedagogy- Accordion / Guitar

Pedagogy – Voice / Sstrings / Wind Instruments / Percussion

Pedagogy- Harpsichord / Organ

Pedagogy - Piano


In the academic year 2012-13, CONSMUPA was still teaching curricula according to the LOGSE (former education system law) for 4th year students. These curricula lead to a diploma which is equivalent to a Bachelor Degree. In the present academic year 2018-19 all students of CONSMUPA follow the new curricula.




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