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Many of the extracurricular activities seek to provide the students with the professional experience required before entering the world of work. To make this experience more similar to real professional work, schedules, deadlines and programming are introduced according to the requirements of each event. It may also be necessary to plan activities on public holidays or free days, as well as to adjust the plans according to the accessibility of sufficient equipment and resources. These activities are mostly related to concerts and cultural projects developed outside CONSMUPA and in cooperation with other institutions.

The Development and Communication Department prepares an annual programme based on an analysis and evaluation of different proposals submitted by the various departments. It also coordinates the information on extracurricular and research activities enabling interdisciplinary actions. It promotes and plans formative and artistic events in and outside the conservatory, and supports students’ participation in activities connected with their major that would contribute to their personal artistic and creative development. The Department also provides access to telematic, bibliographic and other sources of scientific and artistic information, supporting research projects and improvement of the students’ skills.

The activities are approved by the Management Team upon request of the teaching departments and the Development and Communication Department. Either the centre’s propositions or those presented by other cooperating institutions shall comply with the following requirements:

  • The activities must not interfere with the correct development of the academic year
  • All agreements signed by the Management Team will be observed when it comes to assignment of materials and premises
  • The propositions must not have a commercial purpose
  • Their primary aims shall contribute to the development and promotion of scientific, cultural and human values represented by the universal cultural heritage
  • The propositions should complete the educational purposes of the conservatory and will be given to endorse culture in its highest forms of expression

The Conservatory also supports the professors’ presence in collective scientific, technical, professional, pedagogical, associative or professional promotional events, so that they can gather information that will improve their exercise of educational duties.

The general criteria for acceptance of the propositions are the feasibility of the projects and the principle that they shall not affect the professors’ educational duties. Supporting research activities among the professors’ community is an idea shared by all the management bodies, as it improves the institution’s dynamics and gives an example to the students, who are supposed to develop their own Final Research Projects.

CONSPUMA has a close relationship with the Symphony Orchestra of the Principality of Asturias (OSPA), the Oviedo Filarmonía Orchestra, the Prince of Asturias Foundation and the Fundación Municipal de Cultura of Oviedo, which permits the organization of Masterclasses at CONSMUPA given by collaborating professors, motivating the students in their willingness to study. Among the appreciated specialists in various musical domains who have already taught at our institution are, for example, Kristoff Penderecki, Teresa Berganza, Jorge Federico Osorio, Horacio Lavandera, Asier Polo, Kate Hill, Thomas Hampson, Aldo Ceccato, Manuel Ramada, Enrique Abargués, Ramon Sobrino, Jesse Levine, Luis González, Margarita Escarpa, Javier Balaguer, Marie Bernadette and Peter Schultorpe.

Throughout all the years of its activity, CONSMUPA has been particularly interested in the creation and development of ensembles: chamber music ensembles and orchestras, symphony orchestra and symphonic band. This is why it organizes extracurricular meetings with guest conductors –such as Josep Vicent, José Luis Temes, José Rafael Pascual-Vilaplana, Maximiano Valdés, Johan de Meij… They inspire our students and help them to see what their professional future could look like.

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